Wednesday, 20 February 2008

homemade linoleum printing press part 3


David said...

I like the press you built and love the work you're doing with it.

I was just wondering what you used for the roller?

birdbirder said...

Hi David, I was lucky to find a prefab table leg for the roller. Inside are welded two threaded caps (so one could screw the leg on to a table..I did not need the threads but the inserted caps were straight and square enough to support the rest of the assembly.. I found the legs in a euro sort of home depot...I think one of the pics is a side shot..let me know how it goes...good luck

DavidTheDave said...

Hi Robert,
I've made good progress with scrounging the parts. I bought an old dot matrix printer from the Sunday markets. It has some nice rollers and I've put the stepper motors asise for future use. I've also found some heavy duty drawer runners which I'll use to move the bed. I'll document the build and publish it on Instructables if it's any good.
Lino printing isn't big in Australia but I managed to get hold of some rather nasty 'lino' type stuff. I was just wondering if you'd heard of anyone using acrylic paint for ink as that's relatively cheap here?

birdbirder said...

sounds great send me the link when you post...If your on a budget and have some acrylic give it a go...You will be able to print with it...I think the questions are control and keeping you plate from clogging with dry paint...take a look around for a bottle (buy it bulk) of some lino ink..I find it goes a longer way than you would think... If you go acrylic let me know what you get..

Anonymous said...

Birdbirder... congrats on building a great looking press. I am guessingthat it prints as good as it looks.

If you are interested in seeing more home-built presses, go check out the Briar Press website, where several of us have posted pics of our own machines.

AKA Winking Cat Press